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Cookies Policy


User (or You)
The person or company using Blue Net Box (or BNB) website, services and business solutions.

Personal Data (or Data)
Any information with a direct or indirect correlation with the User that can identify the User.

Data Controller (or Owner)
The subject or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of Personal Data, including the security and encryption measures concerning the operation and use of BNB.

The set of services provided by BNB as described in the relative terms (when available) and on this website.

Cookie Policy

Our site uses Cookies which is a technology that involves portions of text code saved in the User’s browser that properly assist the Data Controller in the correct provision of the Service for the purposes described. Certain purposes for which Cookies are installed require the consent from the User. In the event that the installation of Cookies is based on consent, this consent can be freely revoked/denied at any time by following the instructions provided in this document, depending on the web browser used.

Strictly necessary Cookies
BNB uses Cookies to save and memorise the User's session and to carry out other services that are strictly necessary for the operation of the website, for example in relation to the distribution of traffic or to save the shopping cart items.

Statistical Cookies
BNB uses cookies to save the User’s browsing preferences and optimise the browsing experience. For example, cookies may be included that can store your preferences regarding the language used, screen resolution, currency and other data related to your direct use of the site.

Other Cookies and third parties Cookies
Some of the services mentioned below collect appropriate statistical data in anonymous and aggregate form. These services can also track the navigation habits of the User, without declaring the specific session, in an anonymous and aggregated manner.


The services contained in this section enable the Owner to monitor and analyse web traffic and can be used to keep track of User behaviour.

  • Matomo (Piwik)
    Matomo is a web analysis service provided by Piwik. This resource helps us collect, analyse and track determined uses of the website by the User and finally to elaborate detailed reports on collected activity data. Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy. Privacy Shield participant.
  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
    Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the Data collected to track and examine the use of DNS website, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use the Data collected to contextualise and personalise the ads of its own advertising network. Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy - Opt-Out - Privacy Shield participant.
  • Analytics collected directly (BNB)
    BNB uses an internal analytics system that does not involve third parties.
    Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Social networks and platforms
This set of services provided by third parties allow and facilitate user accessing and interacting with social networks or other external platforms directly connected to BNB. The information collected in this manner is subject to the individual privacy policies of third parties and not directly from this legal document.

  • Facebook Like button and social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)
    The Facebook Like button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Facebook, Inc. Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy. Privacy Shield participant.
  • Twitter Tweet button and social widgets (Twitter, Inc.)
    The Twitter Tweet button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Twitter social network provided by Twitter, Inc. Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data. Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy. Privacy Shield participant.

Interaction with live chat platforms
These third-party services allow the User to interact with live chat platforms directly connected to BNB to contact and be contacted by BNB and its customer support service. These services may collect navigation and metric data on the pages where they are installed, even if Users do not actively use the service. In addition, live chat conversations can be recorded and saved for training and quality purposes.

  • Chatra Widget (Roger Wilco LLC)
    Chatra Widget is a service for interacting with Chatra live chat platform provided by Roger Wilco LLC. Personal Data collected: Cookies, Data communicated while using the service and Usage Data. Place of processing: Germany – Privacy Policy.

How to provide or withdraw consent to the installation of Cookies

In addition to the above, User may manage and express cookie preferences directly from the used web browser and prevent or deny the use and installation of cookies. The User, depending on the browser used, may visit the following URLs for more information on the subject: Google ChromeMozilla Firefox  Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

With regard to Cookies installed by third parties, Users may manage their preferences and withdrawal of their consent by clicking the related opt-out link, when provided, or by contacting the third party.

Notwithstanding the above, the Owner informs that Users may follow the instructions provided on the subsequently linked initiatives by the EDAA (EU), the Network Advertising Initiative (US) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (US), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Japan) or other similar services. Such initiatives allow Users to select their tracking preferences for most of the advertising tools. The Owner thus recommends that Users make use of these resources in addition to the information provided in this document.

Owner and Data Controller

Blue Net Box (under legal authorisation of Blue Net Box Information Technology)

Owner contact email: legal [at] bluenetbox [dot] com

Please note that BNB is not responsible nor Data Controller for any data collected by third parties (with or without the use of cookies) and that the data set collected by third party cookies is purely indicative and informative. In order to obtain complete information, the User is requested to consult the privacy policy for the respective third-party services listed in this document.

For any further information, please contact the Data Controller.

Last Update: 01/09/2020

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